Understanding Spoken Russian – Learn Russian Ep. 20

* NOTE *

All phrases intended for translating/listening practice have been deleted.

This is it, guys. Episode 20… the final exam of Understanding Spoken Russian. As a warm up, we’re going to start by listening to a long monologue from Alex. There won’t be any follow up questions. This is just to listen to and follow along.

– – –

It’s a cool feeling, isn’t it, to listen to a long passage entirely in Russian and understand everything the person is saying? Anyway, let’s get to our first test. Try to say the following…

Mom works in a store.

Tomorrow I’m going to work. (on foot)

Is there milk in the refrigerator?

Anton is going to a cafe. (on foot)

Maria is heading to the university. (by vehicle)

Greg is now at a concert.

Oleg is traveling to Moscow.

I was watching a video on youtube.

I was in the gym.

During this episode, to break things up, I’ll be putting in random music quizzes. Here’s the first one:

Can you say, in Russian, the name of this instrument?

Это было Нил Пирт на барабанах.

Next…Listen to these Russian phrases and translate into English..

– – –

Привет Дарина. Мне сказали что ты играешь на гитаре.

Да. И на бас-гитаре. Смотри…

Back to it. Try your best to translate the following phrases into Russian…

Yesterday I saw grandma in the library.

Yesterday in the park I saw your dog.

I was on the balcony, reading a book.

In August, in Berlin, my brother bought a new Volkswagen.

I gave Anton the T-shirt.

Svetlana gave James your number.

Galya gave Mom the telephone.

Today in the supermarket I saw your mom.

I read the recipe in the magazine Cosmopolitan.

At the disco I saw Svetlana.

I was on the couch, reading a magazine.

Grandpa worked as a manager in a supermarket.

– – –

Я люблю эту музыку, Марк. На каком инструменте он играет?

Это банджо. Музыка называется блюграсс. .

Back to biz. Let’s again try to translate into English….

– – –

Привет, Алексей. Что ты делаешь?

Ничего, просто слушаю музыку и отвечаю имейлы.

Это красивая музыка.

Ну, да. Я люблю Рахманинова.

Next: Translate the following into Russian…

He tried the pelmeni.

They watched (and finished watching) the new film of James Cameron.

In August I am traveling to Moscow.

Are you traveling to London?

Your brother is traveling to Rome?

They didn’t want to wait.

Are you going to the pharmacy?

Dad gave Erik all our documents. Use все for the word all

Greg cant wait. For him its time to go to work.

I’m cold.

I like your guitar.

At the office party, tell your boss: Try the cake.

Oleg, give me the Scotch tape.

Tell me, please…Where is the Bolshoi Theater?

I have a motorcycle.

Galina has a cat.

– – –

И, Дарина…У тебя есть балалайка, да? Будешь играть?


The balalaika is, of course, a popular Russian folk instrument.

Before getting to our last round, let’s listen to another monologue, like we did at the start today. No pressure, no questions. Just the fun of listening…

– – –

Alright…for our final round, let’s listen again to Alex’s monologue, and try to translate line by line. You ready?

Привет. Меня зовут Олег.

Hi. My name is Oleg. Literally…what? Me they call Oleg.

Я живу в Киеве.

I live in Kiev.

Я работаю менеджером в супермаркете.

I work as a manager in a supermarket.

Есть стресс на работе, но что делать?

At work there’s stress, but what to do? meaning…What can ya do about it?

У меня есть брат и сестра.

I have a brother and a sister.

Брата зовут Михайл.

My brother’s name is Mixhail. lit: Brother…they call..Mixhail.

Он живёт в Одессе.

He lives in Odessa.

Он музыкант, и играет джаз и блюз на гитаре, в ресторане.

He’s a musician and plays jazz and blues on the guitar, in a restaurant.

Мою сестру зовут Таня.

My sister’s name is Tanya.

Она живёт в Германии…в Франкфурте.

She lives in Germany, in Frankfurt.

Она работает в банке.

She works in a bank.

У Тани есть сын и дочка.

Tanya has a son and a daughter.

Я их очень люблю.

I really love them.

В мае, Таня купила мне новый ноутбук…Дэлл.

In May Tanya bought for me a new laptop. A Dell.

Теперь я могу говорить с ними через Скайп.

Now I can talk with them via Skype.

В августе, я еду в Одессу.

In August I’m going to Odessa.

Я хочу видеть Михайла и–(telephone rings)

I want to see Mixhail and…

Ой, простите. Мне пора…Михайл звонит.

Oi, forgive me. It’s time for me to go…Mixhail is calling.

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