Understanding Spoken Russian – Learn Russian Ep. 10

Hi, guys. No transcript today. Remember, the whole focus of this course is to have you listen closely and do your best to make sense of what the speakers are saying. There’s not much point, then, in writing everything out for you. But, since you’re here, let me list the various songs and artists you heard throughout the midterm.

Ani Lorak: Я С Тобой – (I’m With You)

Klara Koka: Май – (the month of May)

St1m: Сестрёнка – (Little sister) (Note: Not sure how to pronounce the artist’s name, but it is indeed spelled “St1m”.)

Римский-Корсаков: “Полет шмеля” из оперы “Сказка о царе Салтане”

Rimsky Korsokov: “Flight of the Bumblebee” from the opera, “A Story About the Tsar Sultan.”

Рахманинов (Rachmaninov): Piano Concerto #2

5sta Family: Зачем? (Why / What for?) (Note: Once again, unsure of how to pronounce their name.)